Young People
The Octagon is a safe, non-judgmental place for children and teenagers to express themselves verbally or creatively, allowing them to bring what they need to their session.  There are many imaginative therapeutic choices made available. I use the sand tray, puppetry, journal writing, artwork, memory boxes and games to help those who might prefer using creative tools to work through their emotional struggles or difficulties.
As a counsellor who specialises working with children and teenagers I have developed a holistic, person centred, integrative approach which enables me to draw upon a variety of recognised theories allowing me to adapt the way I work to best fit the needs of my clients, giving them space to explore.
It may be that a more directive approach is requested or that CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) once experienced, becomes a preferred client choice. Whatever the need, I recognise that each person’s story is unique and therefore their therapy should reflect their individual needs.
Child therapy Tauntn
Helping with problems at school
Issues that commonly arise include, friendships, parents’ relationships, e.g. divorce, problems caused by alcohol, drugs or gambling, money, body image or self-esteem, feeling unsafe or uncomfortable, depressed, afraid of being hurt, feeling angry, worried about your feelings, puberty, family problems, thinking errors.
Helping to make sense of their feelings, thoughts and behaviours, such as:-

Feeling sad all or most of the time, feeling anxious, relationships, exams, bullying, stress, sexual identity, trauma, personal development, traumatic bereavement, peer pressure, independence, feeling isolated, concerns around drug and alcohol use, communication with parents.

This forms an essential part of the work as what is discussed in the counselling rooms is not discussed with parents/carers or schools.

However, there are exceptions to this rule and depending upon any concerns about the safety of the child.


The children’s act, 1989, 
states counsellors are required to report any child protection concerns.